Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sex Dungeon For Sale is now for the illiterate!

Remember that hilarious guy, Patrick Wensink, with the hilarious book of short stories called Sex Dungeon For Sale? Well, yeah, now there's a short little movie thing done by Hank Rothrock and Bradley Buehring. It's super awesome and I appreciate how they didn't try to add anything or make it over the top, it's just the story. The story was awesome to begin with...why fix what's not broken? (Tell that to Hollywood, I know.)

I don't know who the actors were, but the female first time home buyer cracks me right the fuck up at the end (UPDATE! Hey! That's the author's wife! How cool!) That shrug is just priceless.

Dear Fictional Girl,
Your fictional boyfriend is lame. In the words of Dan Savage, "DTMFA" and get yourself a Sex Dungeon!
That Girl With A Blog

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